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Video Tips!

See some of the amazing features available on sideManager. View the presentations bellow and learn how to get the most from sideManager.
You will be able to view these tutorials in most of the different sections of the application.

sideManager main presentation.

General overview of the sideManager property management application.

Property management module presentation.

The management of your all your properties make it simple. See how easy is to view or modify your property data and how quick you can add a new property to sideManager.

Renewal and Rentals module presentation.

The Renewals / Rentals module allows you to manage all related aspects of rentals and renewals, such as "To prepare", "Sent", "Received", "Refused", "To negotiate" etc. You have direct access to see your "For rent" and "Off the market" properties or you can add a new address to any of the lists specified.

Services module presentation.

The Services module allows you to manage all service requests. You can precisely track and update priorities, progress, costs and more for all your properties. You can manage and add your own priorities or service types.

Users management module presentation.

The Users module allows the account administrator to manage access rights for existing users and add new users to sideManager.

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Video Tips!

sideManager on Mobile Phones

sideManager Mobile plays a key role for property owners and property managers as a decision making tool.

sideManager Website Express

The value of a strong web presence!

90% of all home rentals used the Internet as an information source.