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Our Technology

sideManager is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) business application.

At sideManager we know that staying competitive is essential and for that reason we are actively identifying needs and gaps and we are investing developing innovative solutions to fulfill them.

Key characteristics

    • Multi platform, web-based access to manage data.
    • Multi-tenant Service-oriented architecture.
    • Centralized feature updating, there is no need for customers to maintain, upgrade, download and install patches.
    • Your own request for new features implemented at no cost when approved.
    • Faster and seamless new feature releases.
    • Faster deployment as no local installation is required.
    • Fewer costs involved in IT infrastructure.

Benefits and advantages

    • Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection or a mobile device.
    • Convenient service packages as per customer needs.
    • System maintenance as well as Backup, Updates and Security included in all our packages.
    • Rapid scalability and high level of reliability.
    • Optimal time to market.

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Video Tips!

sideManager on Mobile Phones

sideManager Mobile plays a key role for property owners and property managers as a decision making tool.

sideManager Website Express

The value of a strong web presence!

90% of all home rentals used the Internet as an information source.