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How long is the Free Trial Period?

All sideManager clients enjoy a 14-day Free Trial Period. Once the Free Trial Period ends, payment is required and is charged automatically.
We WILL NOT charge you until the 14-day Free Trial Period has ended, and you will not receive an invoice until the charge is made.

How Do I Cancel the Free Trial Period?

You can cancel the service at any time during the Free Trial Period and your Credit Card will not be charged.
To cancel the service during a Free Trial Period and avoid any charges, access the Your Profile section and click on the "Cancel your subscription" link or contact us by phone at least 24 hours before the end of your Free Trial Period.

What if I change my package and options?

You can change your package and options at any time during your Free Trial Period or your regular subscription period.
Any remaining credit from your current subscription will automatically apply to your new package and options.

Yearly or Monthly Subscription and Recurring Payment.

sideManager is a paid subscription service with a Free Trial Period for the first 14 days, after which you pay a recurring yearly or monthly fee. That means your Credit Card is automatically charged on a yearly or monthly basis on the same date as your first invoice.

What if my Credit Card expires?

No problem; you can change your Credit Card information in the Your Profile section at any time.

How Do I Cancel my Yearly or Monthly Subscription.

You can cancel the service at any time.
To cancel the service, access the Your Profile section and click the "Cancel your subscription" link or contact us by telephone at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period.

Delete your account and data.

When you cancel your subscription, we DELETE all data related to the account.
It is absolutely impossible to recover information from a deleted account. Guaranteed.


We will send you an invoice by email each time a payment has been successfully completed.


Storing your information securely is very important. At sideManager, we recognize the importance of security for our users and we implement the best strategies to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

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